Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix my order with both Sildenafil and Tadalafil?

Yes, but each product must be in multiples of 4, such as 48 of one and 52 of another as an example. On our ORDER FORM, in our example, you would select 12 of the 4-paks (48) on Sildenafil and 13 of the 4-paks (52) on Tadalafil. You would get the 100 tabs pricing. Call if you do not understand. NOTE: Customer service is NOT a pharmacist and can only help you with your order. They cannot and do not give any medical advice nor answer medical questions. If you wish to order over the phone, they will take your order.

Who handles my order? How is it packaged?

The pharmacy is the only one who handles your order, and it is shipped directly to you. Your order is bubble packed from the manufacturer, not loose in a bottle that someone had to count out. The bubble packed tabs come directly from the manufacturer, who is well-known worldwide. This is a total quality-controlled product and quality shipping operation.

How long does it take to get my order; how should I plan?

Allow up to 30 days. Plan ahead for your orders. However, many times your order will arrive in 10 days to two weeks. But again, please plan for 30 days to be safe. December holiday times are tough shipping times for Global Postal systems -- please avoid December. Your order ships internationally, and we have tracking numbers on every single order. We have customer service in North America and we can help with tracking. Our customer service is absolutely great. Our Guarantee is also awesome.

Is my order guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied, or simply call us to send the product back for a prompt refund. We also guarantee shipping and that you will receive your order; if something happens to it while in-transit, we will reship your order for free.

What about confidentiality?

From transmission to fulfillment, everything is confidential. We use SSL on the internet. Your information is not (legally) accessible by anyone not involved in the fulfillment of your order. We do everything we can to protect your information. We never sell, rent, or give away any information, much less the information about you. Plus, all orders are shipped in discrete packaging direct to your designated address.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes and and no. If your order has already been fulfilled and shipped from the pharmacy, we cannot cancel the order. Unfortunately, we also cannot re-stock any meds if they are returned to us, because of safety concerns. Let's talk, and let's see what the problems are and if we can resolve the situation so that you are very happy by our service to you. In the case where your order has not been dispatched, most times the pharmacy will charge a $10.00 USD cancellation fee. Obviously, if the reason for cancellation is due to anything on the side of and our sources, there will be no cancellation fee whatsoever. But let's communicate first to see if we can find a good solution. We want you to be happy and to become a repeat customer. Please do not do a charge-back on your credit card as it will damage our great reputation with processing companies. Instead, we will work extra hard to make you happy, and that includes a full refund.

Is it possible to change my order after I checkout?

It is usually possible if you contact us immediately. If the order has been sent for fulfillment it MIGHT NOT be possible to change it. We certainly want your order to be correct, and we will do everything possible to get it correct. We just cannot guarantee that we can do this all the time. Please understand this, and contact us as soon as you realize something was ordered wrong.

Do you require a prescription to order through your service company?

Yes, all of our sources require a prescription based on the laws of the jurisdiction, and must be received before your order is shipped. It can be scanned and sent via e-mail to the distributor at or via fax at 206-984-9748. Or you may fill out this Questionnaire and send it to us.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard & VISA. You may place your order through our secure website, or, you may call us at 615-777-9332 to place your order. For safety reasons, we retain your credit card information only long enough to process the order. Then it is deleted from our system, offering you maximum protection.